Dynamic & Automated Intelligence® Features

Dynamic means...

  • Building context-based queries and delivering real-time information
  • Applying custom formatting based on connection, user, report, etc.
  • Filtering content based on user and group profiles
  • Substituting run-time parameters in reports and queries
  • Updating dashboard content in real-time mode (“stock-ticker” mode)
  • Updating linked Word and Excel documents
  • Building menus and home pages based on user profile, groups and security

Automated Intelligence® means...

  • One-click creation of rich, interactive dashboards, graphs & reports
  • BI design and delivery over the web
  • Easy integration with other web sites & apps
  • Emailed intelligence on demand, scheduled, or triggered by status change
  • Groups, pivots, totals and sorts with drag-and-drop gestures
  • Constraint of results by user or group
  • Generation of sophisticated graphics
  • Generation of comprehensive report documentation
  • Dynamic Dictionary settings applied to all derived reports
  • Create dynamic SQL views from any data source with point-and-click
  • Auto-relate data sources from common or different databases
  • Auto-format information presentation in crisp, clean modern styles
  • Auto- logging of recoverable version history of any report
  • Auto- logging of all system activity: alerts, errors, security, versioning, data changes
  • Easily learning how to build reports by example
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