Security Features

Dynamic AI provides secure, encrypted communications when needed, enforced password policies, group membership and individual user security profiles, and more security features that satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Dynamic AI Security means…

  • Secure, encrypted communications when needed
  • Enforced password policies
  • Group membership and individual user security profiles
  • Access, design, sharing and ownership rights at user and report levels
  • Enforced user-specific data constraints and to the row and column (roles) levels
  • Highly granular control of user access and navigation: Grant / Deny:
    • Data export
    • Access to data connections
    • Access to specific reports
    • 13 different report design functions
    • 13 different tools and maintenance functions
  • Extensive report documentation, version numbering and archiving for audit compliance
  • Extensive system logging:
    • Failed logins
    • General alerts
    • Versioning and Changes
    • Activity
  • Safeguards against SQL injection attacks, and excessive query loads
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