The Smart Choice for BI

Dynamic AI features a unique database access and automated intelligence delivery system, design system, data integration features, application integration capability, 100% thin-client, web browser-based support, and affordability.

Dynamic AI’s robust set of business intelligence querying, reporting and analysis tools and features simplify the delivery of KPI’s and other vital information to empower key decision-makers and business users.

Access & Delivery System

  • Instant BI web site (user home page, report menus)
  • Highly interactive user experience
  • Extensive security (access and content)
  • Web site integration (branded or “hand-off”)
  • Email, PDF, export
  • Export content with hot links to Excel & Word
  • Interact with real-time information
  • Graphical presentation

Design System

  • Automated Intelligence®
  • Drag-and-drop and on-screen design
  • Lists and forms
  • Sophisticated “no-programming” design interface
  • Automated constraint of information to targeted users
  • Sophisticated, granular security
  • Customizable library of charts and style sheets (CSS)
  • Hooks for custom HTML and Javascript

Data Integration

  • Easily cross references information within any system
  • Automated linkage of information from disparate systems

Application Integration

  • Visual DataFlex classes (same techniques available in other environments)
  • Embedded URLs and HTML form post into Dynamic AI
  • Pages and links from Dynamic AI
  • Easy integration with other web sites & apps
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