The business partnership that brings you Dynamic AI...


The creator and technology force behind Dynamic AI is CINTAC A/S of Denmark. The company was founded in 1998 to develop innovative “database to browser” software solutions.

With backgrounds in banking, consulting, and auditing, CINTAC’s founder Carsten Sørensen and partners Bo Andersen, Mikkel Sikker Jensen and August Jensen combined their business knowledge with technical innovation to create the business intelligence (BI) product Dynamic AI. The company also provided BI consulting services to large financial institutions.

CINTAC performed the first commercial installation of Dynamic AI in 1999.


Data Access WorldwideData Access Worldwide - www.DataAccess.com

Founded in 1976, Data Access Worldwide develops and markets software tools for professional database application developers. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL USA with offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

Data Access Worldwide became acquainted with Dynamic AI and saw it as an ideal compliment to its own products and customer profile. An effective working relationship grew with CINTAC and in 2003, Data Access Worldwide became the preferred Dynamic AI sales channel.

The partnership today...

Data Access Worldwide is now the publisher of Dynamic AI, marketing and supporting the product to large and small business customers around the world directly and through a network of channel partners.

CINTAC focuses on continuing product innovation, development and maintenance to ensure that the Dynamic AI platform is competitive, current, effective and smart for current and prospective users.

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