Moose Software partners with PHC Software on embedded Dynamic AI business intelligence initiative

Moose Software, Data Access Channel Partner for Spain and Portugal, has entered into a strategic alliance partnership with PHC Software, a provider of integrated business management solutions, to embed Dynamic AI business intelligence software with PHC's ERP software solutions.

In the first phase of the project, PHC's solutions will connect with Dynamic AI for obtaining reports and analysis. In the second phase, Dynamic AI's business intelligence capability will be completely integrated so users can generate reports without having to leave the PHC software environment.

"This is a great success story that shows embedding Dynamic AI's interactive reporting and business intelligence capabilities adds real value to an application – such capabilities being increasingly attractive to, and in demand by, end-users," says Bob Cergol, Dynamic AI product manager and Senior Consultant for Data Access Worldwide.
PHC provides a range of business management solutions that enable companies to meet their core daily management needs, such as billing, treasury, sales, purchasing, etc., and to address specific vertical market requirements through additional modules for industry, manufacturing and production, logistics, project management, trade, health care and support, and others.

Since 2009, Moose Software has distributed in the Iberian Peninsula Dynamic AI software that offers BI solutions generation of reports, graphs and analysis.


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