CRH plc / Betonelement A/S


Betonelement a|s is a leading Danish supplier of precast concrete systems, including design, construction planning and customized service. The company consists of 7 factories throughout Denmark with a total of 600 employees.


The product range includes all types of pre-stressed constructions, facade panels, wall panels, structural columns and beams, and complete building systems for both industrial and residential buildings. Additionally, Betonelement a|s produces prefabricated fully equipped bathroom modules.

Betonelement a|s also co-operates with architects, engineers, contractors and builders to develop well-designed and functional buildings that at all times meet the client requirements of construction, design, surfaces and colors as well as capacity, qualifications, and quality.

Betonelement a|s is owned by CRH plc, a leading international Building Material Group, which produces and distributes building materials, primarily operating on the European and American markets. The CRH Group consists of more than 2,000 locations with a total of 60,000 employees in 24 countries. The Group turnover in 2004 was over €10bn and the profit before tax was over €1bn.

At Betonelement, Dynamic AI is used for distributed forecasting, budget preparation and consolidation.

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