Estância Árvore da Vida: "Dynamic AI is amazing!"

Estância Árvore da Vida: "Dynamic AI is amazing!"

Estância Árvore da Vida (EAV) is a non-profit Christian entity located in Sumaré, Sao Paulo, Brazil that was founded in 1980 in order to create an extensive facility to fulfill their needs for large Bible study conferences. With capacity to receive up to 10,000 participants, its configuration is unique for South America. This led EAV to open its doors for other events for different denominations.

EAV has an auditorium for 10,000 people, two dining rooms that together can provide up to 5,000 meals/hour, accommodations totaling 5,500 beds, a hotel with 160 apartments, two fully equipped kitchens to supply the dining rooms, coffee shop, ice cream shop, drugstore, emergency medical clinic, bookstore, mini-market, administrative buildings, four dams and water and sanitation stations. All this infrastructure is distributed in an area of 30 acres.

Testimonial about Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence:

Definitely we’ve made the right choice! Dynamic AI is really an amazing tool. We are still at the beginning, but we already notice that we´ll revolutionize the way how users, managers and directors have access to important and critical company´s information.

With a simple and friendly interface, we have been developing quickly created many types of reports with infinite drill down levels, crosstabs, graphics, dashboards, crossing and adding data in a simple way, efficient and dynamic, without the complexity of a traditional BI tool.

With Dynamic AI nothing is static! The end user has the capacity to customize and change almost everything (if you allow them, of course). Also, users can easily add filters, change the levels and hierarchy of groups, aggregate functions like sum, average, variance, minimum, maximum etc., among many other features, all dynamically.

Phrases like, "Could you change this report to add one more field here?" or "I would like to filter that by month, is it possible? When will you get it ready?" or else, "Hmm, I didn’t want to sum per month, I just wanted the average. Can you change it?” and so many other phrases we used to hear, now all belong to the past!

Visit Estância Árvore da Vida to learn more about the organization.

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