Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council


From: Larry Mattingly, Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council.
Subject: Dynamic AI

Thanks for your guidance on formatting the "about" at top of collections ... I am running wild n crazy with that one! It is a great place to tell a user what this specific report gives them (especially because names of the collections need to be short), AND I can include column DEFINITIONS: ... and that works great, too. This should cut down on support phone calls.

And I have some more good news - this morning, I trained the 3 EBP Trust staff members on the DAI reports I have designed so far for getting at Enrollment and Claims data (about 37 collections to date)... They loved it! And...

... less than 5 minutes afterwards, the vice president to whom I report walked by, and I demonstrated to him several reports along with all the flexible features in DAI INCLUDING the Web User Restrictions at 8 levels of security that are necessary for us, using my 20-inch monitor right here at my desk . . . he walked away saying, "Dynamite," "Awesome," "Fantastic," "This is just Great" ... and on and on !!

AND, while I was writing this email to you, I just got an email from 1 of the 3 staff I trained this morning. The staff member took one of the Enrollment reports we looked at this morning, ran it, exported to XL and was able to give it to a hospital client software company who desperately needed the info by tomorrow in order to begin employee open enrollments ... open enrollment is one of the hospital client’s biggest challenges in the benefit business. The email subject was, "Score one for EBP Trust ... "!! And all this happened this afternoon!!!

So, what do you think? Has it been a GRAND DAY or what!!!

Larry Mattingly
Director of IT
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council.

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