WestLB is a European commercial bank rooted in its home market North Rhine-Westphalia. It is one of Germany´s leading financial services providers. Its key strengths include the close business and strategic alliance with the savings banks and a distinctive expertise in the development of innovative capital market products and customized structured financing for German and international clients.

WestLB is the central bank for the savings banks with the strongest international presence.


It is therefore an important partner both for the international activities of German companies and for globally operating institutions and investors seeking access to the German market. WestLB Group employs 6,147 staff.

Dynamic AI was implemented in WestLB New York in 2001 as a reporting and controlling solution followed by a later implementation of a securities portfolio system used by the banks business lines.

The functionality to freely dimension reports by legal entities, business units and break down results and balances by profit-centers and portfolios has been a flexible and stabile solution for the bank.

For more information go to www.westlb.com

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