Available in Server and Enterprise editions, Dynamic AI covers everything from a single server with a few users to a multi-server solution to meet the needs of small to large businesses and organizations.

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Edition Server Enterprise
Use Commercial server Commercial Enterprise and ASP
Installation type Server Multi-server scalability and DMZ support
Maximum concurrent users <50 50+
Number of user IDs supported Unlimited Unlimited
Access via Corporate Intranet and Internet server Multiple intranet and Internet servers
Report repository Central DB file-based Oracle/MS SQL Server scalable DBMS
Database connections (OLE DB, ODBC) Unlimited Unlimited
Reports, Forms, listings etc. Unlimited Unlimited

General functionality
Reports menu
(by group, history, data-source etc.)
Database explore menu
Administration menu
Help, online documentation and
support forum
Reports with drill-down to Form
Dashboards / portal pages
Relate and drill-through
Forms (data-entry support)
Data entry tables
Drop-down packages and short-cuts
Link rights
Charting (Active X)
Join Builder
Dynamic AI SQL Views
Full development Design capabilities
Ad-Hoc Design

User account
(login, My Reports, aliases, certificates etc.)
User and owner groups, sub-sharing, authors
User rights management and administration

Custom List and report styles
Custom Form styles

Design management
Design dictionary
Aliases, forced filters, Roles and
dictionary controlled Formula columns
Central language specific caption / help text management
Free parameter support in Dynamic AI Views
Partition support in Dynamic AI Views / Joins
Design Owners, authors
Design rights control down to individual report level
Production / Test / Development environment support (multi-connections availability)
Report Documentation with change tracking
Report versioning and reload old/deleted versions
Export / Import designs in-between
Dynamic AI installations

Activity logging and alerts
Data-maintenance logging
Systems maintenance logging
Frequently used, report usage and avg. report duration

Agent functionality (Scheduling, pre-cache)
Email / scheduled emails
Email Drill-out functionality
Report limit watch and report

Integration and data-Export options
External application integration
LDAP authentication
Job Master / Job Queue and agent batch exports  
Export to Excel / Word
(optional drill-out)
Export active link / filter page to Excel
(optional drill-out)
Export CSV
Export Fixed Length
Export Fixed Length EBCDIC
Export XML
Cobol-format detection  

3rd party options
Client-side Print-to-PDF Writers
PDF Central Server support
(requires separate license from 3rd party)
Ticket authentication for integrated environments
(requires separate license from 3rd party)

Browser / Device support
Windows Mobile 5+ IE Browser
Symbian browser (e.g. Nokia)
Apple IPhone / IPod Touch

Email client support (full HTML/drill-out)
MS Outlook
Lotus Notes 8+
Mail on Mac, IPhone and IPod Touch

Database support
MS SQL Server Express edition (OLEDB)
Oracle (OLEDB)
Oracle XE Express edition (OLEDB)
MS Excel (ODBC)
Pervasive PSQL (ODBC)
Sybase (ODBC)/Sybase IQ (ODBC)
Informix (ODBC)
Generic ODBC

HTTP / ASP server
Microsoft Internet Information Server


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