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Intuitive user interface with on-line help

Dynamic AI is based 100% on code that can be executed in a standard browser. As most users are familiar with information retrieval from the Internet, you’ll find users use Dynamic AI intuitively and without any training or help at all.

However as functionality in Dynamic AI in many cases extend what is normally expected from Internet contents it is usually necessary to support the use, administration and development in order to get the full benefit of Dynamic AI.

The User Interface is made consistent, and many tasks and functions are naturally inheriting user selections and choices during the use of the application. Also many functions are supported by online help content that in most cases are sufficient for end-users to resolve questions as they arise.

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Quick start

The Dynamic AI Quick start guide shows you how to build reports and get useful information out of databases really easily.

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Automated Intelligence (R)

After having completed the Dynamic AI Quick start guide you might take a leap jump into drag drop and automated report design and analyzing your data by reading the specific documentation related to Automated Intelligence (R) available at:

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Although the complete documentation for Dynamic AI is available online directly accessible from the Help link at the bottom toolbar in Dynamic AI (access it here), you can also download the documentation from our Download section on this site. Use the following link to get to the page to download the documentation.

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A specific edition is available for the Dynamic AI Server and Enterprise editions which will be made available to you as part of a trial license evaluation or when purchasing a Dynamic AI Server or Enterprise edition license

Dynamic AI - Training

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