Try Dynamic AI - Request Server Edition License

Dynamic AI is an exciting, interactive, software product. Experiencing it on your own data is the best way to understand the many capabilities and opportunities it offers. You will be amazed by what Dynamic AI can do and what you can do with Dynamic AI!

There are two ways to try Dynamic AI...

  1. If you would like to get a free Server Evaluation License to try Dynamic AI on your own data, have a personal product demonstration, or for more information about Dynamic AI or Business Intelligence Consulting, please fill in the details below along with what you’re specific interest is, select your country, and click Send. We will respond to your request within one business day. (Note that fields marked with an * are required to issue a proper evaluation license registration number.)
  2. As a web-based tool, Dynamic AI is fully accessible anywhere that the internet is available, and it is compatible with mobile devices. To fully appreciate the product’s online speed, flexibility, and diversity we invite you to try it first hand using the Dynamic AI Demonstration Portal – a live interactive BI experience that showcases Dynamic AI’s intuitive design and power on a live, real-life data set.